Krusseldorf – Laidback released on Iboga Records

Krusseldorf – Laidback is finally released.

“Ten years after his debut ambient release ‘Smokers Lounge’, Krusseldorf is back. Krusseldorf brings a fresh perspective after years in the film industry and ambient scene. ‘Laidback’ explores a variety of dance genres and stretches them into cinematic territory, with his signature sound of mixing field recordings and chilled vibes as hallucinatory as ever. Minimal drums thumping to the glitchy sizzling of fried speaker cables. Lonely reverbs drift in and out of nightly soundscapes, soft tones of airy high flown elements make a harmonious landing on resonant beats. Each track a clear melodic glimpse into a unique and sonorous world, and a beautiful tribute to the sound that fills the empty spaces.”

Grab it off beatport: